Hello! I'm Ro

"My childhood was fueled by pretend and make-believe. The rocks in my backyard were great mountains to climb, large castles to conquer, and great rivers to leap. My mud pies and mud soups were grand feasts - fit for kings and queens. My adult life is more tamed, less bruises and scratches from falling off rocks and out of tress. Replaced with more clicking and tapping on keys, to bring my childhood imaginations to life on a computer screen."                                                         

I was born on the small island of Jamaica. Currently, I am pursuing my career as an animator in New York City. Growing up on Disney, Pixar, Blue Sky and Studio Ghibli films, I was always fascinated with the idea of visually brining one's imagination to life. My fascination gave birth to curiosity which ultimately became my passion.

Apart from animating, I am an avid reader, who enjoys binge watching the telly and collecting quotes. I have a knack for lithography, both stone and photo plates.            

                                                                                                                  —Ronique Ellis




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